(Northern Athens)

Run 1468 (Monday 6th March 2006)


Hare: Spanish Fly

Photographer: Wet Dream / Fair Cop

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Kites for sale by the roadside

Spanish Fly's special trail markers

The naming of Puppy Killer

Nigel offers himself as a seat

Clitoria demonstrates the plight of the puppy
as it was nearly squashed by skis

Fair Cop as stand-in RA conducts the naming ceremony

Puppy Killer

After a traditional seafood lunch at a spot on St. George's
Square, Melissia
those still sober enough went kite flying
on an open area
next to the Melissia cemetary

Clitoria prepares to launch butterfly-1

Doggy Style untangles kite strings with Mad Dog

Growing Pain, Clitoria & Bony M doing well

Mad Dog sympathises with Rim Job -
same sports kite, same problems

Damn! Rim Job gets in a tangle

Fair Cop helps to launch the problematic kite

Clitoria's family are having success with the butterfly

Doggy Style tries Fair Cop's bird kite...

and flies it the longest time of all

Close-up of the bird kite





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                                                                            MD Feb. 2006

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