(North-eastern Athens)

Run 1463 (Sunday 5th February 2006)

Live Hare: Fiery Tw*t

Photographer: Mad Dog

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Our new GM Budwanker -
preparing to gather the hashers
(and keeping an eye on things too)

Checking watches to give the live hare exactly 15 minutes start

And they are off!

A difficult check
(it took a while to find the trail)

Another check - and off into the hills

Ideal for modernization as the house agents would say

Gypsy housing in the valley

On through the orchards

And the vineyards
(Attiki is famous for it's retsina wine)

RA Strawberry4skin strolls
while catching his breath

S4S has crossed the stream on the stepping stones

Pink Jenny avoids the stepping stones
and decides to try walking on water
(OOP's we've got a wet foot)

A sight never seen before -
Leanover has joined the runners

Running a dirt track

And skirting the perimeter of the Equestrian centre

View of the Race Track

Interesting infrastructure design - the river flows over
the road and rejoins it's course further down the road

Long straight road
(no hare in sight!)

Nearing the town again

Back at the On In Kum Kwick & Scrubber
display haberdash items for sale

The 1/2 price sale generates a lot of interest

Budwanker's first circle as GM

He seems to be doing fine




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