(Northern Athens)

Run 1461 (Sunday 22nd January 2005)

Hare: Motherf*cker

Photographer: Mad Dog

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~~~~ FT feels the cold ~~~~

Note the raindrops on the camera lens...

Hashers gather before the run

The hare lies about the trail he has set

And off they go!

The first check

The continuation of the trail has been located

Over a stream...

Hashers "going round the bend!"
(They must be to be out in this weather)

Mad Dog stops to photograph Bee Hives in the woods

And he gets left behind...

Where the f*** are they ???

All alone am I ...

(Finally MD came across the beerstop & then all was OK)

Finally back at the On-in, Fiery Tw*t
fondles the penis award

The hashers gather for the Circle in the pouring rain

The hare's Down Down as the rain pours down down

Returnee Ram Pants shares an umbrella with Rear Entry

Clitoria acts as GM for the day

Wet Dream in her wet coat receives the wet penis award

More DIO's

Ram Pants is welcomed back

Fiery Tw*t awards the toilet seat to...

...the hare Motherf*cker

Our Aussie visitor pours the beers for the DIO's


It was On On to the Mourouzis Taverna in Kalivia
(on the Platia near the church) for the best and cheapest
meat-based meal any of us can remember having in Athens.

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