(North-western Athens)

Run 1459 (Sunday 8th January 2005)

Hares: All Day Sucker

Photographer: Mad Dog

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Dwarfblower prepares for her last blowjob
on the Athens Hash

Testing, 123

And there she blows!

Sadly, Dwarfie & FU Gasper are leaving us
and moving to California (no, not Tibet).

The walkers following the special walker's trail

A panoramic view featuring the walkers
(scroll-right using scroll bar at bottom of
your browser to view the whole panorama)

Freeloader with Anika
(Their dog Kiera had been chasing a
male deer and dissapeared for a while)

"Now which way do we go?"
(Note the "W" marking the walker's trail)

Men-in-gitis tries to blow the hash horn -
but nothing happens

He tries even harder and only manages
to produce a rude noise.
Note his new Christmas present - an ipod
MP3/Video played wired to his ears.

The hare's DIO - Deputy RA All Day Sucker
(Somehow Dwarfblower gets one too)

The hashers in the circle try to keep warm...

Clitoria passes on the Penis to Fiery Tw*t

The beer is so cold FT pours it away

RA Strawberry4Skin hands out a DIO

Later, at the Aris taverna in Varimbobi.

As we sat eating, an earthquake gently shook the building
& our table & chairs for many seconds.
Later we learned that it was caused by a 6.9 Richter
with epicentre located between the islands of Crete and Kithira
which was felt all over the Mediterranean area.

Hashers table from standing next
to the log fire (out of view)

One Night Stand & Streetwalker
try to hide from the camera.

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