(North-Western Athens)

Run 1451 (Sunday 13th November 2005)

Hare: All Day Sucker


Photographer: Mad Dog

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The 200 run tankard
embossed with the Athens Hash logo

Fair Cop's Athens Hash anthem

RA Strawberry4Skin opens the circle



Deputy RA All Day Sucker
calls on three harriettes

Formosa flyer
made to drink beer
from an airline sick bag

Offenses on trail -
scratches on Mountain Goat's legs

Dieter gets punished

Two virgin hashers

...turn out to be good sports

Rear Entry with the
Athens Hash flag

Mad Dog presents 25 run badges
to All Day Sucker & Fair Cop

Cocks Tale gets her
50 run badge

Motherf-r gets his
100 run pewter tankard

And RA Strawberry4Skin is presented with his
well-earned 200 run badge & pewter tankard

And proudly shows them off

S4S downs the full tankard

And sports a beer moustache

Master of Music Fair Cop
sings a new composition

Hamish McTavish
(GM of the Full Moon Hash)
announces the next run

The circle finishes with the new anthem

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