(North-Western Athens)

Run 1451 (Sunday 13th November 2005)

Hare: All Day Sucker


Photographer: Mad Dog

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The Hashers gather before the run
& the RA blesses the hare & trail

The runners set off

The hare gives directions to the walkers

Off into the woodland

Olga ducks to avoid a branch

Down & up the steps

Through a picnic area

Rear Entry stops to fill his water
bottle from a spring

On down!

The hare All Day Sucker
carries the beer for
the beer stop

Strawberry4Skin in black

Returning from a falsie

Mountain Goat is enjoying
the run

Brief stop for a photo

Back into the woods

Delightful vegetation

Woodland track

Olga stops for a breather

Up the steep gulley

At last! The beer stop
Strawberry4Skin poses with Cocks Tale


On On to finish the trail

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