(North-East of Athens)

Run 1447 (Sunday 16th October 2005)

Hares: Snowjob & Love Bug

Photographer: Love Bug

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Snowjob's fabulous Mansion in Schinias
(it now even has an outside loo & solar electricity)

The Hares - Snowjob & Love Bug

The circle with RA Strawberry 4Skin

Pink Jenny - Art photo
"Good to the last drop minus 1"

A little known fact -
Superman was/is a hasher

Strawberry 4Skin & DIY "T"



Our host Snowjob

Welcoming visitors

Visitor having fun (?)

The visitors are astounded
the proceedings

Visitor Susan

Antigone ponders

Athina being prepared for her naming -
she asks for a hasher's knee to sit on
(an unusual request - but why not!)

The naming helmet is a bit loose
(her head is too small..)

RA Strawberry asks her some questions
to help with the name choice - but she seems
- and so declares her hash name..

"Stress cow"
& the hash beer is poured over her

Stress Cow in her wet
'now see-through'
T-shirt then gets a DIO

Deputy RA All Day Sucker
looks pleased at the outcome


Master-of-Music Fair Cop sings a
specially-composed ditty...

And get's rewarded with a DIO
out of the weaning cup

Stress Cow shows-off her prize
for winning the after-BBQ quiz
kindly arranged by Love Bug

GM Spanish Fly takes it easy in the sunshine

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