Mount Pendeli
(Northern Athens)

Part-1:  The Run & the start of the Circle

Run 1446 (Sunday 9th October 2005)

Hares: Mad Dog & Clitoria

Photographer: Mad Dog

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And they're away!


A back-check set in the middle of the disused
marble quarry had the runners searching all over
the quarry for the continuation of the trail.
Here The Bookmaker is about to figure it out.

The walkers emerge - up from the side of the quarry

The sky grows dark - is it going to rain?
The hashers spread out to to locate the trail

On-Up! The walker's keep up a good pace

View of discard from one of the many disused marble
quarries scarring the mountain. "Pendelic" marble
for the ancient Parthenon came from this mountain.

View towards the exclusive suburb of Drafi

Panoramic view from the firefighter's access road

A great track for the runners

Panoramic view from a higher elevation

The mountainside is covered in wild Cyclomens

On the way back to the OnIn - Snowjob
climbs down the face of the quarry
(well, it's one way to shortcut...)


The hares - Mad Dog & Clitoria - wear their Veteran hare's T-shirts.
(To earn a Veteran's hare T-shirt, a hasher must
lay 5 trails on his/her own -or- 10 trails with a
cohare - or a combination of the two)

What did you think of the trail?

The hares get their Down Downs

The Deputy RA All Day Sucker dishes out punishments
to the harriettes

Grand Matress Spanish Fly & Dep. RA All Day Sucker

The Bookmaker & Banger in the circle

The hash beer buckets & cooler

View of the circle
(The adjacent Gazebo was conveniently available in case of rain)

Virgin Hasher from the USA

Sam amazes us again with an improvised song &
duly gets voted as Master of Music
(It's a while since the AH3 has had one - as
no hashers could sing AND remember words)

The latecomers are rounded-up for treatment...

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