Mount Pendeli
(Northern Athens)

Part-2:  The naming ceremony & the penis award

Run 1446 (Sunday 9th October 2005)

Hares: Mad Dog & Clitoria

Photographer: Mad Dog

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Gerry, called out to be named, sensibly starts to
remove his clothing - assisted by harriette Fiery Tw*t

Then Clitoria steps out to assist!
There's a cold wind and he's already feeling it.

The RA rambles on while Gerry shivers

Using the Homeopathic system, Clitoria decides to
treat "like-with-like" using a handful of ice to drive
away the cold. Gerry sensibly guards his sensitive parts.

Clitoria tests the ice temperature...

Gerry is seated on the ice bag in the centre
of the hash circle.

Clitoria feels sorry for him & decides to warm him up!

It's beginning to work...??

Clitoria puts a lump of ice in his mouth

And then really warms him up!

Gerry is a good sport - but
doesn't have much choice, anyway

Time to disentangle - we have
to get on with the naming!

Various suggestions come from the circle
and finally Geriatric Pacemaker is named

Gerry cries out as the cold beer pours over him

Looking decidedly blue, he finishes his beer
(he then washed off in the nearby mountain-spring
fed fountain and was given a towel to dry himself)

Deep Throat brings out the Penis jug to award
to another harriette

Jealous Bitch is called into the circle

And has to drink from the jug. She's embarrassed &
tries to cover her face.
She must award it to another harriette the following week.

Snowjob (the next week's hare) announces
the location & details

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