(Western Athens)

Run 1445 (Sunday 2nd October 2005)

Hares: Rear Entry & Olga

Photographer: Mad Dog

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Good hashing country

The hares - Rear Entry & Olga - are called to the circle

Get it down!

Deputy RA All Day Sucker takes the circle

Latecomers - Cock's Tale & Oxymoron

Mash suckling beer

Semen Dreaming, our visitor from a hash in Southern China -
receives a traditional warm welcome

Spanish Fly, last week's Sh*t of the Week has added-
a packet of real spanish fly to the collection

It's presented to our visitor so she can take it back to her
hash in China

She's a good sport and accepts the task

Mother F-r awards the F-kwit cassette tape to Budwanker

Mash gets the Hermes Helmet for being a FRB

Fair Cop amazes the circle with yet another word-perfect song
(The AH3 hasn't had such singing talent for years)

Another first.   Horses join the circle!

"Hello, is that beer I see?"

"Go on! Just a quick one for the road"

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