Mount Parnitha
(NW Athens)

Run 1444 (Sunday 25th September 2005)

Hare: Mountain Goat

Photographer: Love Bug

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Firstly, here's some of this week's characters
(not necessarily in order of appearance):




And now to the action:

Some hashers took part in the organized 'Round Parnitha'
16 Km run earlier in the morning & then went on to do the regular hash
(also located on Parnitha to make this easy for them to attend)

Scene-1: At the start of the hash circle, the hare (Mountain Goat)
gets the traditional hare's Down-Down

Returnees Gerry & wife Georgina

Public transport is made to join them...
(he actually stayed away from hashing while his wife gave birth)

Kum Kwick having a beer while manning the haberdashery table...
and in front of the table our new GM Spanish Fly at her first circle as GM.

Tortoise is amused by the antics of these crazy adults

Bookmaker is given a T-shirt from the KL mother hash

New GM Spanish Fly was the previous holder of the Sh*t of the Week award
(which she had forgotten to bring) - and so she was given an old toilet seat
found in the adjacent derelict hotel (Yuk!) She won't forget it next week!

Newly-named Deep Throat is presented with the
new penis award

It's terrible when beer goes down your nose...

Fair Cop is belatedly presented with his Virgin Hare T-shirt

Brrr... it's getting cold up on this mountain!
Tortoise wraps up.

And he's not the only one!

Self Service in the circle

View of part of the circle

Katie was sensibly keeping warm in the car

Katie with her mum Cleopatra

Group Down Down

Shaggy Dog & Tortoise completed the 5 Km children's 'Round Parnitha' run earlier
in the morning which was
organized by the Athens Mountaineering Club (note medals)
and are rewarded with Down Down's in the circle.

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