Mount Parnitha
(NW Athens)

Run 1444 (Sunday 25th September 2005)

Hare: Mountain Goat

Photographer: Mad Dog

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All Day Sucker blows the "borrowed" Full Moon Hash horn


AND NOW ... some great views from mount Parnitha as seen by the hashers...,

...followed by other stuff

The walker's route

Cleopatra with Katie & doggie

Heather with Georgina & Doggie Style

Doggie Style

Katie with Daisy

Kum Kwik mans the haberdash stall

RA All Day Sucker calls the circle to order

The hare Mountain Goat gets his DIO
(It's the start of new GM Spanish Fly's first circle)

The hash circle is (appropriately) held in the car park of the derelict hotel

What is Hyatt doing to the huge Teleferique car park?
(We used to have hash circles here)

Building something, but what?
(A multi-storey car park for the casino would make sense)

The excavation is huge and extends much further
than is shown in the photo.
(A sign indicates this is part of a 700 million euro project)

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