Island of Aegina

- Athens Hash Autumn Island Weekend -    
-P.A.S.H. Hash-

(Preston & Athens Sam Smiths' Sh*ggers Hash House Harriers)

Run 0002 (Sunday 18th September 2005)

Somewhat live hare: Aliass (posing as Preston Pete)

Photographer: Mad Dog

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Hasher's cars were used to transport the hashers
from Aegina town to Perdika (about 20 mins).
After the first part of the run around Perdika, the
live hare was given immunity for the boat ride over
to the uninhabited island of Moni. Here the hashers
assembled for the second part of the run.

Hashers gathering on the hillside on Moni

View of sea & moored boats

Moni has tame wildlife free to roam in the woods

A peacock struts past

View from the other side of the island

A virgin hasher


Wild deer & peacocks want to join the fun

Wildlife observation team

After the run (or walk, or sit down), the circle begins

Fat Controller as guest GM.
Shaggy Dog & Tortoise with their puppy get DIO's

Playboy-2 the groom is adorned with garland, veil & wreath

So is Flutterby & holds her bouquet
(doesn't she look lovely?)

Strawberry 4Skin performs the hash wedding ceremony

Hash newlywed

And now you may kiss the bride...

Triple Sex gets the bouquet

Fat Controller sings a song

Aliass (Preston Pete) is to be given a cake
for his 50th birthday celebration.
-First the mould, then the flour

Next, the egg

A little liquid (beer) & then a stir

Finally, a lighted birthday candle (night light)

Yuk! Luckily there is time for a dip in the sea.

The first boat leaves for Perdika on Aegina island
(We needed to hire 2 boats to take us all)

View of Perdika & the Cross-eyed Seagull bar -
where we were to have lunch (and more drinks)

This is a first!

Snacks before the pizza meal
(later they also served delicious garlic bread &
large individual salads)

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