Island of Aegina

- Athens Hash Autumn Island Weekend -

-Full Moon Hash-

Run 68 (Saturday 17th September 2005)

5 Hares:
Kum Kwik - Twin Cheeks Moonshine HHH
Parsons Nose - City of London HHH
Self Service - Mexico City HHH
Playboy2 - JogJa HHH
Preston Pete - PASH

Photographer: Mad Dog

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Hash start time: 16.30 from Playboy-2's villa at Moon-dy Bay

And they're off...

View of Moni island

Doggy Style with Leanover

A nice rock

Moni island as the trail moves inland & upwards

Hamish McTavish, GM of the Full Moon hash ...
opens the circle

The hares - Parson's Nose, Self-Service & Kum Kwik

Other offenders get punished

More DIO's

Clitoria with Fat Controller

Dwarf Blower & FU Gasper are garlanded with flowers

Honarary RA Playboy-2 starts the wedding service

And reads out their hashing marital obligations from a text
he had composed himself (after taking a dram or two for inspiration)

Do you promise to .....

Hamish had prepared a royal feast...
starting with seafood canapés served before the run
& at intervals during the evening

Later, other delights including seafood salads,
oven-baked chicken bits, BBQ chicken

And even later a delicious vegetable soup

Followed by desserts to round-off the meal

Dwarf Blower starts the game she had been preparing
for weeks by collecting interesting facts about
each hasher

The dancing starts

And the hashers have fun - while some just relax
(having eaten too much)

Mooning the full moon

Later, a young group joins us to celebrate a birthday

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