(North-West Athens)

Run 1417 (Sunday 27th March 2005)

Hare: Twisted Bitch

Photographer: Love Bug

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Another of Love-Bug hasher's leg's competition...





Send answers in a stamped envelope, addressesd to Love Bug - along with lots of lolly!

The ice cream van was parked close by, so...


Alice was having a good time too!

Twisted Bitch (the hare), Gregor the Coke Dealer, & Gobby Biggles


Mad Dog awards Mountain Goat the Hermes Helmet for front running

Gunga Din gets to drink from the broken penis as she forgot to bring back the good one.

...And she does it in style

Titty Licker

Flying Club song & actions

Mountain Goat leads us for our hash song "over my shoulder"

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