(Northern Athens)

Run 1415 (Sunday 13th March 2005)

Hares: Strawberry 4Skin (& Leanover)

-Last day of Carnival-

Photographer: Love Bug

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Our (new) AH3 flag at the hash (designed by Beat Me Up Scottie)

AND NOW FOR OUR VERY OWN harriettes... 
spot the hasher's legs competition:

1   2     3 

4    5    6 


Answers to Love Bug at next Sunday's hash circle - 20th March
(in a sealed envelope marked with your name)

And now for more fun...
Our hashers came to the hash in carnival costumes & accessories:

Triple Sex


Major-A and Gunga Din

Delhi Boy

Triple Sex and Pink Jenny

Captain Sumo joins them

Bushman gets 'decorated' by Clitoria


Triple Sex - Flutterby - Leanover - Clitoria - Gunga Din

Wee Mac's sprayed ass

Bushman - Mariana - Pink Jenny

Clitoria with Major-A

RA Strawberry 4Skin

GM Mad Dog

Bushman & Spanish Fly

Titty Licker

Strawberry 4Skin & Self Service

Clitoria & Strawberry 4Skin in the Circle

Playboy-2 and Flutterby's hash engagement

(Shortly after he formally resigned as RA and was defrocked by having his grass skirt removed

Playboy-2 and Flutterby's engagement DIO

Hamish McTavish Esq. in the Taverna

Bushman & Shiva

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