(Northern Athens)

Run 1414 (Sunday 6th March 2005)

Hare: Love Bug

Photographer: Love Bug

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The Hare - Love Bug

Group Down Down

Fugawi's 25-run badge & mug

Group Down Down

Virgin hasher

L-to-R: Hamish, Oxymoron & Self Service

Mountain Goat & Mash

Fiery Tw*t & RA Strawberry 4Skin

Self Service (leading us in a hash song) & Fugawi

Back: Shiva, Bushman, Front: Gobby Biggles, Pink Jenny

Harriette Mothers get recognised for UK Mother's day

Old friends

Hash horrors having fun

Bushman at the taverna

Bushman & Pink Jenny

Self Service & PJ (enjoying the yoghurt)

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