Porto Germano Weekend
Way out East of Athens)

- Run 1413 -

27th February 2005

Hare: The Bookmaker

- The Bookmaker's 600th Run & 80th Trail -


Photographers: Love Bug & FT

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Flowery Tw*t 's bit...

Group photo on the lawn of the Austrailian Embassy Beach House

The Bookmaker & Flowery Tw*t pose with the 600 run jug

The Bookmaker & Wee Mac


Love Bug's bit...

Love Bug has an eye for male legs!

Caps specially made by our Haberdasher Gobby Biggles for the occasion

The Bookmaker & Fiery Tw*t

The Bookmaker frothing with beer

Spanish Fly has to drink from the broken penis

Thrush receives his 25 run badge & mug

Part of the AH3 circle at the Australian Embassy Beach House

Beach House host & new assistant RA - All Day Sucker

Banger & Mash

RA Strawberry 4Skin & JM Mad Dog about to pour water over The Bookmaker-
with his custom-made
600 run jug.

The Bookmaker with his 600 run badge
(specially ordered from Thailand)

Wee Mac had ordered a special 600 run T-shirt for The Bookmaker

The Bookmaker strips to put it on

Almost there!

The Bookmaker & Wee Mac get DIO's together

Wee Mac

Mad Dog

Oxymoron gets a Down Down

Ending the circle with Father Abraham

-or is it an aerobics class?

Our Hash Flash - Love Bug

After the circle the hashers prepare for the feast & BBQ-
laid on by Hamish McTavish Esq.

Pink Jenny serves herself to Hamish's delicious soup

Oxymoron dressed-up to bring out The Bookmaker's 600 run cake -
& then handed it over. Meanwhile...

The Bookmaker jumps on Oxymoron

Then they have some fun together!

That's all!

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