Kefalari / Kifissia
(Northern Athens)



Run 1411 (Sunday 13th February 2005)

Hares: FU Gasper & Dwarf Blower

Photographer: Cereal Whinger

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Beat Me Up's specially designed graphic to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day
& this HHH Red Dress Run.

Getting changed for the run... in Kefalari park (just off Kefalari square)
(The braver hashers walked from their cars already to go!)

Pop Up with Clitoria & Dwarf Blower

Mad Dog & Wee Mac

Group photo in the park before the run

Group photo in the park before the run

Group photo in the park

Our Harriettes pose...

Dwarf Blower encourages the hashers to show all

They don't need much...

Testing the hash horn

Running through Kifissia high street

Clitoria and Mad Dog
(& Self Service on the left)

At this point, the photographer's eye was wandering
(or maybe the camera was getting heavy)

Spanish Fly with Cereal Whinger

The Hares - Dwarf Blower & FU Gasper (adjusting his dress)

FU Gasper

Punishment for those not wearing red dresses

Champagne stop & short rest

Back in Kefalari park - posing on the bridge over the pond

Gregor the Coke Dealer prepares to pass on the award
(only problem - she had forgotten to add to the collection!)

Pop Up gets the toilet seat award

Harriettes "best costume" competition.
Clitoria endeavour to impress the Judges with a full-red outfit (and succeeds)
- Dwarf Blower came in a close second.

Getting it all back in place

Pop Up & Cereal Whinger

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