Ano Kifissia
(>>> Pendeli Mountain)
(Northern- Athens)

Run 1408 (Sunday 23rd January 2005)

Hare: Shiva

Photographer: Love Bug

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Looking back - Varimbobi 16 Nov. 2003


Mountain Goat & Fiery Tw*t

ARA Strawberry 4Skin - followed by Rim Job

Clitoria taking a rest?

Dwarf Blower & FU Gasper

Twisted Bitch brings back the penis award - broken!

Wee Mac tries to recite a Robert Burns poem
(Burns Night is approaching)

A damaged photo so ....Guess who?

All Day Sucker links arms back-to-back for a walkers late arrival DIO

More walkers

Mad Dog explains what he has added to the S**t of the Week award...
before passing it on to Wee Mac

Now Wee Mac has it

FU Gasper with his newly awarded 25 run badge

Leanover having a bad hair moment

Leanover in the Circle

New Boots from France

Another set of New Boots

Shiva (this weeks hare) sports her recently acquired Nepal Jungle Lodge hat

Blue Nun and Titty Licker

AND later at the Taverna ....

Gobby Biggles

Gregor the Coke Dealer & Kevin of Naxos

Rogues gallery    :-)

Our hashers never miss a photo opportunity!

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