MD's bad mouse day

(East of Athens)

Run 1407 (Sunday 16th January 2005)

Hares: The Bookmaker & Wee Mac

Photographer: Love Bug

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A cold, wet, windy, and very muddy run... just how the AH3 like it!

...And after the run

Preparing for the circle
(Visiting hasher from Luxenberg with AssRA Strawberry 4Skin)

Kevin, a visiting hasher from Naxos & one of the AH3 originals - 1980
(He was even wearing a T-shirt from that era)

Singing in the rain?? (Maybe not)

Leanover enjoying the weather?

JM Mad Dog looking weatherbeaten

Alcohol prescription in the circle for Liza

Liza & Leanover

Our visiting overseas hasher

Gregor the Coke Dealer enjoying the rain

Blue Nun & Titty Licker

The Bookmaker shows the Xmas card from our founder...
that he attached to the Sh*t of the Week award.

The Bookmaker awards it to Mad Dog...
for planning a badge attaching session for such weather.

Wee Mac

JM Pop Up

Blue Nun sporting an innovative hair style

Gregor the Coke Dealer receives her 25 run mug

Wee Mac & Love Bug at the Taverna

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