Ag. Paraskevi
(Northern Athens)

Run 1404

Sunday 26th December 2004

- Boxing Day Run -

Hare: The Bookmaker

Photographer: Spanish Fly

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Walkers Leanover & Doggie Style - with view of Athens in the background

Banger heads down the trail

Clitoria before the Circle

Fiery Tw*t about to award the toilet seat to Banger
(She had added a broken corkscrew)

JM Mad Dog

The Bookmaker in the circle

L-to-R Oxymoron, Rear Entry, Banger, Doggie Style, Paula

Lisa gets a Down Down

New Boots Ben is inspected by Clitoria

More inspecting...

Fiery Tw*t gets in motion and the resulting ground tremble shakes the hashers and the camera.
Now you know what caused the great 8.9 earthquake in SE Asia -
The Seismologists haven't yet figured that the seismic energy originated in Greece.

Mountain Goat
(Note Banger behind with the toilet seat award)

Mountain Goat again - with Oxymoron

Rear Entry gets a ceramic 100 run mug
(It should have been a pewter tankard - but S4S has them and he's away)

Pink Jenny pets Ski held by Blue Nun (who's visiting brother is standing between them)

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