Varkiza beach
(Southern Athens)

Run 1396 (Sun 31st November 2004)

"The Blonde Run"

Hares: Flutterby, Triple Sex & her 3 young men...
Sid Vicious, Martini Man, & The Golden Fleece

Photographer: Love Bug

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Blonde affection

Blonde Pink Jenny holding Blonde dog

Ski in his custom doggy hash T-shirt

Hashers behaving themselves (but not for long)

Hashers circle - with sea in the background

Titty Licker presents Public Transport with a Cow Bell
(the support wire got hooked round his sunglasses & JM Mad Dog helps out)

Their dog Sonya wants a look

The Bookmaker with Leanover

Later, at the beach Fish Taverna, newcomers enjoy lunch with the hashers

FT's relative (left) & newcomer

Table view

Another table view - food & drink has vanished

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