(North-west of Athens)

Run 1391 (Sunday 3rd October 2004)

Hares: Mountain Goat

Photographer: Kennedy's Bitch

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Aussie with Harley (Pop Up's lean machine)

Cute doggy pic (this can't be the AH3?)

And they are away - Banger & new shoes

Strawberry 4Skin shows the way

Flowery Tw*t (carrying the hash horn) discusses trail with Ivor Biggun

On up

Now which way?

A straight, flat bit

Preparing for the circle (Can't Get Laid & Mad Dog with the bowls)

A visitor from the Edinburgh hash is awarded the toilet seat

Edinburgh hashers

Mountain Goat & Mad Dog

AH3 virgin gets welcomed

Strawberry 4Skin & Flowery Tw*t in the circle

Spanish Fly prepares to hand over the penis

Kennedy's BItch gets a DIO

The Bookmaker

Strawberry 4Skin reads a flowery poem to Flowery Tw*t

FU Gasper

BS session

A view of the whole circle

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