Farewell Party
(Kifissia, Northern Athens)

Hosted by: Public Transport & Multiple Rocket Launcher
For: Snowballs & Sleazy Rider, Camel F*cker & Two Moons Rising

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Sleazy Rider ---------------------------------- Snowballs ------------------------------------ Kennedy's Bitch


Strawberry 4Skin -------------------- Clitoria & Midnight Screamer --------------------- Gobby Biggles


Guest ----------------------------------- Mash eats lamb ------------------------------- Self Service


Strawberry 4Skin --------------------------- Public Transport --------------------- Multiple Rocket Launcher


Self Service ---------------------------- Guest with MRL ----------------------------- Guest with KB

Captain Sumo with Clitoria & Midnight Screamer

Can't Get Laid with guest & whole LAMB on the spit cooking in the background

Mad Dog & Strawberry 4Skin

Multiple Rocket Launcher

Raiding the buffet

Doggie Style (Camel F*cker & Two Moons Rising in background)

Two Moons Rising with Public Transport

Clitoria tries the hula hoop

Then it's Captain Sumo's turn

Group rock'n'roll dancing

Captain Sumo on the way home next morning

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