Galatsi Hill
(Above Psychico - North-Central Athens)

Run 1386 (Monday 30th August 2004)

Combined Athens Hash & Twin-Cheeks Moonshine run
(And Bursting Bladder's & The Dyke's last run)

Hares: Bursting Bladder, The Dyke, Pop Up

Photographer: Kennedy's Bitch

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Our Hash Cash - The Dyke - takes a swig in between collecting the cash.
(Still just 3 euros or equivalent per hasher after 8 years. Before the euro it was 1,000 drachmas)

High level conference - is the beer cold enough?

The hashers get ready for the run (sort of)

And they are off!
What they didn't know is that the trail was planned to be ...
one that they would remember!

The hares had laid the trail up & down just about every set of steps in the area.
Even The Bookmaker is looking tired.

And he's not the only one!

A very welcome beerstop at a streetside Taverna.
The Athens hashers pose for a group photo.

Almost there .. just one more set of steps ..Or is it two (or three)?

The Hares Bursting Bladder & The Dyke get a Down Down

MF presents it to Pop Up
(A copy of Hustler magazine had been added by him)

Pop Up with the Sh*t of the Week award.

Captain Sumo gets questioned in the circle

The Dyke presents Triple Sex with the penis award (much to her delight)
(Our RA Playboy2 stands behind)

View of the Hash Circle

Visiting hashers get welcomed by JM Mad Dog & RA Playboy2
(G-Dick from San Francisco in foreground)

Visiting harriette (ain't she cute!)

Hashers look at the Full Moon as it rises into view.

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