Galatsi Hill
(Above Psychico - North-Central Athens)

Run 1386 (Monday 30th August 2004)

Combined Athens Hash & Twin-Cheeks Moonshine run
(And Bursting Bladder's & The Dyke's last run)

Hares: Bursting Bladder, The Dyke, Pop Up

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Our lovely harriette Triple Sex says "let's get on with it!"
(Animation - wait to load)

JM Mad Dog gives the hash horn to The Bookmaker to carry
(he has been known to try avoiding it)

On On

On down the first of many sets of steps

More on downs

'Fugawe stops to .... pray??

Athens hashers running uphill...? That can't be right?

The Bookmaker charges on!

Thank heavens for that ... a beerstop, just in time!

Pop Up in foreground holding beer bottle, Mad Dog behind going to the fridge for his,
Love Bug & FU Gasper in the background.

The hashers spill out onto the street with their beers.
The perspiration on the hasher's sweatshirts bear witness to the number of flights of steps tackled.
(Bursting Bladder wanted to lay a last run that we would remember him by ... and we will!)

Beerstop group photo

The same group as photographed by Greek bystander holding Greek cigarette
(notice cigarette smoke on the left)

The hare's Down-Down ... Pop Up & Bursting Bladder

The leavers - Bursting Bladder & The Dyke

Returnees - To Pee (holding virgin hash horror
Gabriel) & Extra Duty

Close-up of horror

Ex-AH3 harriette Mary F'n Poppins (MFP) visits us from Thessaloniki

Mother F has just presented the Shit of the Week award to Pop Up (after adding a Hustler magazine)

The Dyke says to Triple Sex "you Will be this weeks penis holder"

Beat Me Up with husband Czarek

Dwarf Blower's 50-run badge award

Another beer for the departing couple

At the Taverna

Why are there always more glasses than plates when the AH3 goes to a taverna for a meal???

RA Playboy-2 with Triple Sex

Triple Sex

Love Bug with Norman

Love Bug

(At the end - G'Dick - Mother hash San Francisco)

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