Central Athens
(Starting at Thissio ISAP station)

Run 1384 (Sunday 15th August 2004 @ 5.00 p.m.)
- Olympic Toga Run - (#2)
  (To celebrate the Athens 2004 Olympic Games - running from 13th August-to-29th August) 
Hare: Immac 

Photographer: Can't Get Laid

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James (Can't Get Laid's son)

Thissio - before the run

At Thissio

At Thissio

Running through Plaka

Herodicus Atticus

The glorious Athens Hash
(Note the Acropolis & the Parthenon in the background)

Preparations before the circle

Preparations before the circle

The circle. Hashers who did not wear togas are punished -
in the traditional hash way - a group down-down using the chunder.

Passing the chunder

James get named "Immaculate Conception" ...

...And is initiated in the usual way - with beer & cold water

The On After - a nice relaxation...

... And more beer!

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