Central Athens
(Starting at Thissio ISAP station)

Run 1384 (Sunday 15th August 2004 @ 5.00 p.m.)
- Olympic Toga Run - (#1)
  (To celebrate the Athens 2004 Olympic Games - running from 13th August-to-29th August) 
Hare: Immac

Photographer: Spanish Fly

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Holy hash olive branch

The Athens hashers with the Acropolis behind

Camel F'r & his goddesses

A god & goddesses having fun

Oh oh, it's Zeus

Gods & goddesses everywhere

A passing Olympia-mobile

The circle

Spanish fly goddess gets a down down

JM Strawberry 4Skin conducts the circle

Hashers fashion show

Lovely hash virgins

Titty Licker in the circle

Can't Get Laid's son James gets named Immaculate Conception

Watching the Olympic woman's cycling race - passing through Thissio

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