Cardiff Interhash
(Wales, UK)

July 21(Wednesday) - 26 (Monday) 2004 

Photographer: Immac

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(Note error on camera setup. On photos - for June read July)

Strawberry 4Skin on the Hasher's train from London, England to Cardiff, Wales

Ratarsed on the train


Getting into the Interhashing spirit with a few beers

Fun on the train

More goings on

The Hashers arrive at Cardiff railway station

This is definitely the right place to hold the Interhash.....

"Nice looking place, this Cardiff - but where's the pub?"

Ahh! a pint or two of Welsh ale to slake the thirst

Among the boozers are:
Leanover, Strawberry 4Skin, Aliass, Ratarsed, Hamish McTavish, Shiva, Gobbler

... and Delhi Boy can now be seen too

Later, hashers take over the stadium

Entertainment at the stadium

Hashers waiting to board coaches to take them to the start of the runs

Cardiff must have imported coaches for this event!

Hashers on their coach

On up

On down

Down to the river

Back from the hash

Immac with Flowery Tw*t

Hashers gather after the run

Hares DIO's

The haka?

Colourful hashers

FT poses with the AH3 hashers

Immac goes medieval

Streakin' the train on the return journey

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