(The Pelopponese)

- AH3 Cardiff Interhash Prelube & Pre-Olympic Games 2004 Weekend -

Run 1380 (Sunday 18th July 2004)

Hares: Shagfest & Banana Bender

Photographer: Wedafakawe

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Run, run, run ..... drinking ..... Circle ..... DIO's ..... and later at Spiro's Taverna in Mycenae village:

L: The Dyke with Bursting Bladder & Rim Job
R: Strawberry 4Skin with Leanover

L: Doggy Style
R: Titty Licker with Blue Nun & Rear Entry

^ + {} + U = ?!#@$%&^*)+..

Mad Dog hands Strawberry 4Skin Love Bug's bikini top - found by the pool

Strawberry 4Skin tries it on for size before Love Bug gets a DIO and it's returned to her.

Banana Bender sings a bawdy song

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