(The Pelopponese)

- AH3 Cardiff Interhash Prelube & Pre-Olympic Games 2004 Weekend -

Run 1379 (Saturday 17th July 2004)

Hares: Public Transport & Camel F'r

Photographer: Wedafakawe

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By the swimming pool of The Petite Planete hotel in Mycenae ... Hashers gather for the run...

It's 5.00 p.m. and still hot! Many hashers have been laying by the pool.

More arrive from their hotel rooms

Finally everyone is present. The hares describe the run. The horn is given to a hasher to carry.
The RA Playboy-2 blesses the hares & the trail.

And they are away .. following the blue flour trail laid by the hares

Is this going to be a road run?

But no, it turns out to be a false start to the trail

That's more like a hasher's trail!



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