(North-east Athens)

Run 1375 (Sunday 27th June 2004)

Hares: Strawberry 4Skin (& Leanover)

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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A welcome from a local

And they are off...

On & up from Schinias beach

The Bookmaker

The one and only Clitoria

Strawberry 4Skin & Shiva


Good hashing country

The Bookmaker comes out of the woods

And the pack follows

Clitoria leads the rear

View stop


The Schinias Wetlands

Crossing the small bridge & heading for the circle
(Later, S4S after a few beers fell off this bridge was covered in seaweed)

IMF gets a down-down

The latecomers are given the chunder to pass round

Delhi Boy receives his 75 runs award

As does Rim Job

FT fingers another hasher


The Bookmaker orates

Zombie awards the Pamela Anderson DVD to Rim Job

The naming of Biggles

George gets ready to be named

Bursting Bladder has a name proposal

The proposed names are discussed - and Zombie gets his name

Four Screws - a regular visitor from the USA gets to sit in the ice bucket...

Assisted by the lightweight Bursting Bladder

An AH3 Aphrodite empties the ice from her bikini top

Glistening flesh in the cool waters

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