Attiki Alsos (Alsos = park)
(North-Central Athens)

Run 1373 (Monday 14th June 2004)

Hares: Beat the Meat, Snowballs & Sleazy Rider

- Beat the Meat's last run -

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Some hashers arrive in style

The run starts & soon out goes the call "On Back"

On On - Can't get laid

On On - Sleazy Rider & Beat the Meat

Panoramic view of North-Central Athens

On Down

Last obstacle before the On In - a hole in a fence


The walkers arrive back after the runners

The hares down-down

Pete the Meat gets the Shit of the Week award (to take to Australia)
But we found out later he left it behind - embarrassed to take it through customs?

Latecomers - Mad Dog & Zombie

Sleazy Rider with the penis award
(It's actually a wine jug from a sex-themed restaurant in Northern Athens)

Two Moons Rising has crocheted a special cover for the black penis.
Yes, this week there are two penis awards.

And... Beat Me Up gets it

Zombie gets punished for not bringing the Pamela Anderson DVD to pass on

Visiting harriette Pussy Galore makes an award

Beat the Meat gets a special harriette's goodbye

And another one...

There is the result !!!

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