Strefi Hill
(Central Athens)

Run 1372 (Monday 7th June 2004)

Hares: Wedafakawe & Flowery Tw*t

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Hashers gathering before the run

On On

Panoramic view of central Athens from Strefi hill

Hashers pose for a group photo

On On

On On

Looking for the flour trail

On On again

Pop Up & Playboy2 distracted by girl's gymnastics

On past the statue

On up the road

On up the steps

And later, at the hasher's circle - the hares

Little Dick & Captain Sumo

Biggles with the penis award

Two Moons Rising

Virgin hashers


Playboy2 distributing T-shirts

Two Moons Rising puts her T-shirt on

Wedafakawe tries on his

And Snowballs

Pop Up gets assistance from Biggles

Little Dick is to be renamed

Are you sitting comfortably?

He doesn't like his name. What shall we call him?

We rename you...... Ivor Biggun

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