Kalimarmara Stadium
(Central Athens)

Run 1369 (Sun. 16th May 2004)

The Round Athens Fun Run
An 8 km run and a 3 km walk...
Organized by the Municipality of Athens

and sponsor Carrefour

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Group photo

Walking to the start of the run
(the starting banner can be seen in the distance)

Clitoria with Cocks-n-Balls

Captain Sumo - rearing to go!

The JM's discuss the upcoming run

IMF and The Dyke

Balloons released before the start of the run

And they are off!

Many BRB's and...

many, many FRB's

After the run, the runners line up in the stadium for their bag of goodies
(the bags from the sponsor held a T-shirt, a cap, food & drink)

View of the stadium (notice the 3 lines of goodies boxes on the left)

Clitoria- nominated the surrogate hare



Little Dick's name is discussed

Clitoria is owed her Veteran Hare T-shirt - which she must now wear

On On T-shirt

Well, when I was pregnant ...

Clitoria proudly displays her hard-won T-shirt

JM Mad Dog is fingered

Returnee's family Down Down

Hash virgin Dimitrios

Rear Entry

IMF fingered by Clitoria

At the Taverna
(Unfortunately they were expecting more people & charged us extra)

Fire Dog or Mad Dog?

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