Marathon Lake
(North-east of Athens)

Run 1368 (Sun. 9th May 2004)

Hares: The Bookmaker & Mountain Goat

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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The hounds on the trail

Clitoria - posing on the trail

Wedafakawe (carrying the hash horn) with The Bookmaker

Fields by the lake

Back runners - led by Smorgasm

Passing the abandoned brick factory

Shortcutters Mad Dog and the Mountain Goat (the hare)

On rapidly - down

Back at the start of the run - preparations for the BBQ

The hares

FT's Dad with Clitoria

George with FT's Mum

Ratarsed & Gobbler visiting from the UK

Hamish McTavish & Mountain Goat with the Sh*t of the week award

The naming of Spanish Fly

... And IMF (International M F'er)

Triple Sex gets the penis award (bit of beer spillage here!)

Multiple Rocket Launcher (& her dog Sonya ) with the Elly award

Mad Dog passes on the Pamela Anderson DVD to George
( in a discrete plastic bag)

The Bookmaker having accidentally hit FT with a tossed 1-litre beer can
(note the bandage near her eye) is given the Sh*t of the Week award

Little Dick gets ready to be named
(Clitoria performs a special pre-naming ritual)

Is he enjoying having cold beer poured on him?

Captain Sumo passes on the Lost in Space award

FT shows her injury
(the next day it really developed into a shiner)

BBQ picnic

- The volleyball match -
(since most of the players were half falling over after the boozing - and from sipping Bursting Bladder's tsipero, the action was quite amusing)

The Bookmaker & Flutterby

Lake Marathon

Another view of the spectacular countryside around the lake

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