Marathon Lake
(North-east of Athens)

Run 1368 (Sun. 9th May 2004)

Hares: The Bookmaker & Mountain Goat

Photographer: Multiple Rocket Launcher

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(21 pictures)

As the hashers tackle a steep slope, a view of Marathon Lake

Waiting for other hashers before going down

More lake (Athens gets some of it's drinking water from here)
Notice all the springtime wild flowers

View of the track alongside the lake

Mad Dog

Mountain Goat (as sweeper hare) with Bursting Bladder

Vineyard in the distance

Fabulous springtime countryside views

Distant view of the lake

This one should win a photographic award!

Carmen is seated ready for naming

The RA symbolically pours the water

Next, Dean is named

This picture surely encapsulates the spirit of the Athens hash!!!

(The RA Playboy2 with The Dyke and Multiple Rocket Launcher in the circle)

Alexis also gets named (he was really asking for it!)

Multiple Rocket Launcher is awarded the stuffed elephant

(You don't have to be crazy to be with the Athens HHH but it helps!)

Doggie harriette Sonya sniffs a cup of beer

Captain Sumo & Pop Up

Virgin harriette Elise is brought into the circle

Yeah! she's a good sport!

The RA's secret?

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