Marathon Lake
(North-East of Athens)

Run 1368 (Sun. 9th May 2004)

(But first, a bit of Athens Hashing history - Mountain Goat's 500th run - 30th July 2000
- we presented him with a young goat)


The Bookmaker & Mountain Goat

Photographer: Ratarsed

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(34 pictures)

Hashers arriving at Marathon Lake

Gathering before the run & walk

The RA Playboy-2 shortly to bless the hares & the trail

Doggie Style & Marina (at 8-months and still going strong)

Crossing a water channel for the lake & dam

FT's father leads the walkers astray

Triple Sex with Delhi Boy & horrors behind

Hash horrors help make a fire to BBQ meat & sausages

Setting up the picnic tables

Pop Up & Mad Dog at the haberdash & wine sales table

Ratarsed & Smorgasm

JM's Strawberry 4Skin & Mad Dog & RA Playboy-2 give the hares their DIO's

The hares ... down down down

Mr. FT in trouble for misleading the walkers

Doggie hasher Sonya in the circle

Mr. FT get's boobed by Clitoria

Returnees Down down - Ratarsed, Gobbler, Mr & Mrs FT
(and Playboy2 for not showing up for a while)

Mad Dog hands a tankard of beer to Mountain Goat, the new shit of the week
(Hamish McTavish had the toilet seat award last week and added a drachma coin)

Pouring the beers for the DIO's

Hash virgins

The Bookmaker with Flowery Tw*t

Time for Alexis to be named
(Special treatment from Clitoria)

The victim is prepared

More fun with Alexis

After naming he is doused in beer and water

After the circle came the picnic lunch
(Two Moons Rising & Camel F*cker in the foreground, Bursting Bladder in the background)

Hashers tuck in

Picnic group

After eating, a volley ball match
(note the rope & net slung between trees)

Joking during the match

Spectators Flutterby & Triple Sex watch in comfort

Multiple Rocket Launcher on the left

Playboy2 tells that Texan joke again

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