(Northern-Central Athens)

Run 1362 (Sun. 28th March 2004)
- Sleazy Rider's bake-off competition run -
Hares: Bookmaker

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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They are away!



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Beeeeautiful Athens nefos (smog)

Relaxing after the run - and ready to sample the cakes & cookies

Public Transport & Multiple Rocket Launcher brought their
outdoor furniture - as did other hashers

Mountain Goat returns from the "Ballbreaker" 7-km on-in
extra section of the run for the real maniacs

Multiple Rocket Launcher & Twisted Bitch with
one knackered dog (Sonya)

The Bookmaker's badge collection

Last week's Shit of the Week

The new Shit of the Week

Front Running Bastard (FRB) Beat the Meat

Last week's Penis holder - Beat Me Up
(it just kills them to give it away!)

Lucky Multiple Rocket Launcher gets the Penis award

Returning Jimbo gets named Motherfu*ker by the RA

DST Forgetters

Flutterby & the RA Playboy2

DIO's in airline sick bags (with innovative photo processing offers)

Outdoor furniture displayed in the circle

Major Arsehole

Pop-Up just returned from Aussieland


Bursting Bladder's bladder was bursting!

Flowery Tw*t awards The Bookmaker a DIO for something
(at this point, who would remember for what)

JM Mad Dog welcomes visiting hasher & pilot Riz Man

At the Taverna, Cocks-n-Ball's mother's friends from the UK

Cocks-n-Balls with his Father & Mother from the UK

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