(Northern Athens)

Run 1361 (Sun. 21st March 2004)

Hares: Snowballs & Sleazy Rider
- Saint Patrick's Day Run -
Photographer: Captain Sumo

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All Hashers were required to wear some green

A hash virgin arrives

On trail



On up

View stop

FT in LH corner


The hares provide a beer stop


Rim Job in the bright green T-shirt

Now running on beer for fuel (Nadia leads)

Lost hashers later denied they were lost

Enjoying a beer

Clitoria plays with Beat Me Up

Clitoria in the circle

The hares down down

Sleazy rider receives her 50th run badge

Virgin hasher

The Dyke sports a St. Patrick's sticker

As does Pink Jenny

At the circle, Playboy2 announcing the naming of Lisa


What shall we name her?

CU next Tuesday gets named

Soaked in beer & water - lucky it's a warm day

For Mother's Day all the mothers are lined up in the circle and...

... given a Down In One

RA Playboy2 with Flowery Tw*t and Self Service

DIO's in airline sick bags

Rimjob gets a bear hug from Clitoria

The Bookmaker jumps into action

Clitoria has fun with Mountain Goat & The Bookmaker

Later, at the Taverna, Beat the Meat with harriettes

Newcomer with her doggie

Playboy2 looking hungry

Taverna scene - food at last

"Pay up" say's Sleazy Rider

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