(On the Athens - Corinth road)

Run 1357 (Sun. 22nd Feb. 2004)

Hares: Captain Sumo & Pete the Aussie

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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The hashers have arrived

Sleazy Rider heads uphill, followed by the rest of the hounds

Here comes Cock's Tale

Bursting Bladder wearing his Viking helmet

On-On Dikey!

On the rocks again

View from the hillside just out from Elefsina

Flowery Tw*t

Charging up the hillside. What energy!

What goes up must come down!

View of the coast road heading towards Corinth

The Hares get their DIO

Clitoria - such a quiet & mild harriette

Clitoria gives JM Mad Dog a "happy birthday" cream pie in the face

Well just carry on, this is show business!

Mad Dog welcomes a Virgin hasher
(she tries to keep a straight face)

Captain Sumo gets his 25 run badge & mug

The Dyke gets hers too (but we had run short of mugs)

Bursting Bladder's helmet got a bit modified -
much to everyone's amusement

Camel Fuc*er is made Sh*t of the Week

Pink Jenny gets punished

Clitoria get the coveted Penis award

Pete the Aussie told to "go fly a kite"

Clitoria shows off her err .. T-shirt

Artistic pose

At the taverna

Pink Jenny & Pete the Aussie

Cocks-n-Balls and Mad Dog

The Bookmaker & Flowery Tw*t

Pink Jenny takes a cat nap

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