Hilton Area
(Central Athens)

- Annual RED DRESS RUN -

Run 1356 (Sun. 15th February 2004)

Hare: Smorgasm

Photographer: Public Transport

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Athens Hashers gathering before the run.

The Dyke - our Hash Cash

And they're off - in all directions

Holding up the traffic...

Self service tooting the hash horn

Along the street...

Sleazy Rider

The hare, Smorgasm

Rim Job

Multiple Rocket Launcher & our RA Playboy2

Multiple Rocket Launcher with Public Transport

Two Moons Rising with Camel F*cker

Camel F*cker demonstrate his ballet skills

Rear Entry

Mad Dog

Titty Licker

Dwarf Blower

Snowballs & Sleazy Rider

Smorgasm gets the traditional hare's DIO


Delhi Boy

Dwarf Blower has a T-shirt to award

And Titty Licker gets it

Dwarf Blower & Self Service

Pink Jenny

A 25th run badge & mug for Self Service

Leanover receives her 50th run badge & mug from JM Mad Dog

Pink Jenny receives her overdue 50th run mug
(our potter Simos is a bit slow)

Best dressed Hasher contest conducted by the RA
(More like a drinking contest)

They all have to drink from the Chunder -
and Camel F*cker in his tutu is voted best male costume

Now it's the Harriettes turn

Sleazy Rider knocks back the beer

The voting is a draw & Playboy2 get to cuddle the winners
(RA's privilege)

The lovely winners- Nadine & Dwarf Blower

Smorgasm reluctantly gives away the ceramic Penis

It's normally only awarded to Harriettes but since the Hashers
are wearing dresses, Bursting Bladder gets it.

Later, at the Taverna...

Camel F*cker poses for the camera

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