(Southern Athens)

Run 1355 (Sun. 8th February 2004)

Hares: Cocks Tale & Beat Me Up

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Sleazy Rider & Banger

On On


Cocks Tale, The Dyke, & Smorgasm

Where's the f....'n trail?



Rim Job & Mash

On In

Mash carries a tired(?) hasher

Makeup on the hash?

Stretching on the hash

Relaxing after the run

The traditional hares Down Down

Titty Licker with the Shit of the Week award

Osama Bin Goat

Virgin hasher Alexis

The latecomers get punished
(Does Oxymoron just come for the beer?)

The hare is accused of FRB'ing her own trail

Carmen abuses the hash stuffed elephant

The RA Playboy2 grabs an opportunity with The Dyke in the circle

Smorgasm is (again) awarded the ceramic penis
(This is certainly a fix-up between certain Harriettes)

Can't Get Laid is awarded the Pamela Anderson DVD found on the run

Lost property -

Somehow Pete lost his underwear at Shiva's party...

...And is made to wear it in the circle

Kum Kwik is given the hash elephant

At the Souvlaki Taverna in a Platea in Voula
(Antigone joined us there)

Antigone and Pete the Aussie

After the meal, some hashers went to a local bar for (another) drink

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