Paleo Psychico
(N-Central Athens)


Run 1353 (Sun. 25th January 2004)

Hares: Pop Up & Captain Sumo

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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A bit chilly! Let's get going!

Full ahead from a falsie

On on from an outdoor theatre

Sleazy Rider & Self Service

Self Service & Mountain Goat climb the hill

Group photo at first viewpoint

Shiva at the second viewpoint

Group photo at the third viewpoint

There was still some snow to throw

Shiva with son Up & Cumming

And later at the circle....

Rear Entry gets his 75th run badge

The Hare's DIO

Down Down Down

Up & Cumming gets his 75th run badge from Mad Dog

Circle view

One of Delhi Boy's Horrors

Bursting Bladder & Nicole

Another DB Horror

Hamish is lumbered with the stuffed elephant (Elly) award

Cocks Tale is delighted to receive the penis award

The Aussies get a group Australia Day DIO

Hamish Mc Tavish, Pop Up & Pete the Aussie

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