Hilton Hotel
(Central Athens)

- Australian Ball -

Saturday 24th January 2004

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Pop Up

Bursting Bladder

Snop the Frog

Playboy2 & Flutterby

Twisted Bitch, Sleazy Rider, & Captain Sumo

The Dyke

Midnight Screamer, Playboy2, & Clitoria

Midnight Screamer & Clitoria


Snop the Frog & Lisa

The dessert

Flutterby & Pop Up

The Dyke and Bursting Bladder

Heavy Breather & Sleazy Rider

Clitoria & Midnight Screamer

Midnight Screamer, Captain Sumo, & Clitoria

Pop Up & Sleazy Rider

Snowballs and Pop Up

Twisted Bitch, Pop Up, & Sleazy Rider
(Artistic version)

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