(East of Athens)

Run 1352 (Sun. 18th January 2004)

Hares: Bookmaker & Cocks Tale

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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The Hashers gather before the run

Clitoria demonstrates her sexy walk

Hash Horrors (Connor & Alexa were visiting from Florida)


Mountain Goat in the distance

"On On"

Through the fields...

Mountains looming ahead

...And On In

At the Circle, Mad Dog tries to present FT with her 75th run badge...

but nothing is ever that simple with FT

Golden Showers & Spume visiting from Florida -

- with Two Moons Rising in the foreground.

A bad hair day for Rim Job

Two Moons Rising receiving her 25th run badge

"That tickles" she laughs

Margarita puts on her VIrgin Hare T-shirt ...

As the hashers shout "off, off, off, ...... on, on, on"

"What are these" say's The Bookmaker to Hamish, "New shoes?"

Hamish, having been caught wearing new shoes has to drink from one.

Pity about the mud. He picked the wrong day to wear them!

Don't mention the war.  Clitoria has us in stitches.

The Hashers appreciation can be gauged by the beer

... magically caught in midair- before it hit her

Plane spotting (Athens International Airport is close by)

Margarita is named Cocks Tale

The Bookmaker displaying his injuries

The Taverna for the On On

The tables are loaded with food (and drink) for the hungry hashers

Shiva calls to the Waiter "No more food"

(it's too much even for us)

Major Arsehole is enjoying the feast - but not for long...

Meanwhile at the other table our visitors are enjoying the meal too

Alexa and Connor sit with Hamish

Meanwhile, outside the Taverna, Major-A's dog Alice is getting bored -

and decides to do a bit of digging! OOPS.....

Major-A & Gunga Din have a real shock - but Alice doesn't give a f*ck.

They take her and disappear before the Taverna owner notices anything.

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