(South-East of Athens)

Run 1351 (Sun. 11th January 2004)

Hares: Flowery Tw*t & Pete the Aussie

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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New Jacuzzis being delivered. The first is unloaded...

...And then the next

JM Mad Dog

Hares of the day -
Flowery Tw*t and in the background Pete the Aussie

The Boomaker (keeping dry)

Ah! There he is!

Pop Up

Pete the Aussie

Cocks-n-Balls & Camel F*cker


The Dyke

Titty Licker & Smorgasm

Twisted Bitch

- Enough of that posing ....let's get to the circle:

The hares DIO

Bursting Bladder

Pete get's his Virgin Hare T-shirt

That's all!  
You can go now!  
What are you waiting for?
No, there's no more photos on this page ... but lots more for other runs.
See you there!

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