Ag. Paraskevi
(Northern Athens)

Run 1347 (Sun. 14th Dec. 2003)

- Annual Mince Pie Run-

Hare: Major A 

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Hash dog

The Bookmaker & Gunga Din

Beat Me Up & horror

Yes! It's a falsie

On up


On down

On up again

Waiting for the other hashers to find the falsie (notice the blue "F")

Mobile hasher's bar with cookies

Hashers pose with Estonian virgins

Clitoria... Did I hear correctly?

The hare's DIO

Oxymoron late again (but in time for the beer & snacks)

The stuffed elephant finds a new home
(it's beginning to look the worse for wear)

Camel Toe (our previous Hash Cash) with her photo-collage
(a going away gift from the mismanagement committee)

Tim gets named Torpedo Tim
(Clitoria makes sure he's well set into the ice in the bowl)

Tim suffers more indignity

But he's a good sport!

Bursting Bladder, The Dyke & the RA Playboy2

Major-A & Clitoria

Major-A leads the hash in a Christmas carol

....And later at the Taverna, Captain Sumo finds his way to the toilet

Waiter! The wine jug is empty!

Reading the menu ...So that's what we can order

Hungry hashers digging in to the food

Pop Up & Estonian virgin

Playboy2 going for a leak - blocked in, he goes under the table

Taverna art - appealing to hashers

The Dyke

Aussie tête-à-tête

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