(South East of Athens)

Run 1346 (Sun. 7th Dec. 2003)


Hares: The Bookmaker & Mountain Goat

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Strawberry 4Skin & Flowery Tw*t

The hashers gather for the run

Red bandannas are handed out & put on

And they are off!

Up a falsie...

Back on the trail

Woolly friends


Preparing for the circle

The hares DIO

Shiva's DIO

Mad Dog gets presented with a T-shirt

Major-A gets the shit of the week award

Early members of the AH3


Our original Bogbrush

Parson's Nose gets the Flying Club award

Past & Present Hash Cash DIO

The Penis Award gets passed on

Pink Jenny gets the stuffed Elephant

Ali Ass (Preston Pete) after a Harriette attack

Ratarsed puts on his T-shirt in his own way

Triple Sex (L) and Flutterby

Another T-shirt award

Mad Dog presents Bog Brush with his 300th run...
personalised ceramic toilet brush holder & brush

Strawberry 4Skin takes a leak

Our younger Bogbrush

Flowery Tw*t fingering another hasher

Doggie Style presents the Texas Travelling Award to Aberdeen Anguish
(He must take it back to Scotland and pass it on to a hasher from another hash)

The Dyke - our present Hash Cash

Nadine & Tittie Licker

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